What is B2B Event Marketing?

Encompassing conferences, webinars, meetups, and more. Event Marketing is a powerful channel in any B2B marketing program for growth companies. A cost-effective way to build brand awareness, nurture customers, and generate leads.

Why Invest in Event Marketing?

Events deliver an interactive experience, immersing audiences in your brand and content. Engage directly with customers and prospects to accelerate sales cycles and drive business growth.
Events are the most effective channel for getting focused attention from your target audience, fostering a better understanding of your company and services.
Event marketing offers the highest ROI when compared to other channels. It is usually the most cost-effective way to acquire and nurture high-quality leads.
Event Marketing is an Effective Lead Generation Channel
for Leading B2B Companies
U.S. SaaS companies acquire over 40% of their leads through inbound marketing channels like webinars.
Podcast: SaaStr 579
Event marketing is the most significant marketing channel for Uzabase, Inc.’s SaaS business. At their group company, NewsPicks, a leading social-media based news service, B2B events always played a key role in sustaining growth.
2022.11 Press Release
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