Expos That Engage Audiences Whether In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid

Host expositions that not only delight but cater to the needs of attendees and exhibitors alike, fostering meaningful connections and successful outcomes.

Challenges We Often Hear

How do I smoothly check in and badge participants...

Is there an easier way to go virtual and hybrid...

How can I capture leads and share them with exhibitors...

How do I increase opportunities for attendees and exhibitors to interact...

Proven Results※1

  • No.1 ※2
    Virtual event
    market share
  • Millions
  • ↑ 17%
    MQL conversion
    avg. increase
  • ↑ 24%
    Survey response
    avg. increase
※1. MQL and Survey statistics based on data from EventHub webinars
※2. “Online Event” market study Aug 2021, Japan Marketing Research Org. (JMR)

Why Customers Choose EventHub for Expos

Seamless registration, check-in, and badging built in
Streamline reception with integrated check-in and badging. Use QR-code scanning to track session attendance and activities. Get a complete view of attendee engagement, both in-person and online, with real-time dashboards and reports.
In-person, virtual, and hybrid
A comprehensive, all-in-one platform for organizing professional in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Eliminate the complexity, risk, and costs of using multiple disparate tools for each.
Virtual booths and exhibitor tools
Give your exhibitors a dedicated space to manage their own brand and content at the event. Grant secure access, enabling them to customize their virtual booth and get real-time access to leads, reducing the burden on organizers.
Networking and lead generation
Interactive tools such as profiles, attendee directories, chat, and breakout meetings encourage networking between attendees and exhibitors, as well as amongst attendees themselves, maximizing the opportunity for interaction and empowering connections that matter.

Leading Customers Trust EventHub

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