User Groups That Foster Communication and Interaction

Host events that encourage and facilitate networking between all participants, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

Challenges We Often Hear

How do I increase interactions and networking among attendees...

How can I create events that stand out from competitors...

How do I deepen relationships with customers...

How can I alleviate the burden of looking for an event location...

Proven Results※1

  • No.1 ※2
    Virtual event
    market share
  • Millions
  • ↑ 17%
    MQL conversion
    avg. increase
  • ↑ 24%
    Survey response
    avg. increase
※1. MQL and Survey statistics based on data from EventHub webinars
※2. “Online Event” market study Aug 2021, Japan Marketing Research Org. (JMR)

Why Customers Choose EventHub for User Groups

Better networking and engagement
Integrated networking and engagement tools enable and encourage interaction amongst users, helping organizers build active and dynamic user communities. Features include group chat, user profiles, directories, breakout meetings, and more.
Higher attendance and deeper insights
Simplify attendee management and monitoring with built-in tools such as attendee communications, QR-code check-in, and engagement analytics. Easily track attendee behaviors using real-time dashboards, reports, and API integration into your existing sales and marketing tools.
Customized events that reflect your brand
Host events that reflect your company’s brand and boost awareness. Effortlessly incorporate logos, colors, and images throughout the event experience, including registration, email communications, and the event website. Strengthen branding even more by integrating the platform into your company’s domain.
In-person, virtual, and hybrid
Flexibility to choose a format that best meets the needs of your event. EventHub is a comprehensive, all-in-one platform that helps you create interactive events in any format, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Host events that meet the geographic needs of attendees to help optimize participation in your user groups and community events.

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