Conferences That Engage Audiences and Achieve Business Results

Produce conferences that reflect your brand, engage audiences, nurture existing customers, and generate new opportunities.

Challenges We Often Hear

How can I improve attendance and increase engagement...

How can I reduce the effort to hold virtual and hybrid conferences...

How do I boost the ROI of conferences for my sponsors and partners...

How can I expedite lead analysis and sales

Proven Results※1

  • No.1 ※2
    Virtual event
    market share
  • Millions
  • ↑ 17%
    MQL conversion
    avg. increase
  • ↑ 24%
    Survey response
    avg. increase
※1. MQL and Survey statistics based on data from EventHub webinars
※2. “Online Event” market study Aug 2021, Japan Marketing Research Org. (JMR)

Why Customers Choose EventHub for Conferences

Comprehensive lead analytics
Get insights into attendee behavior in real time, including registration by source, session attendance, engagement level, and more. Make data-driven decisions that better target conference advertising, identify attendee interests, score leads, and ensure you never miss an opportunity.
In-person, virtual, and hybrid
Run in-person, or make your conferences borderless with virtual and hybrid. Expand your audience reach and maximize ROI. Attendee networking features help bridge the gap between the virtual and on-premise experience, ensuring all attendees can engage, no matter where they are.
Interactive experiences that keep audiences engaged
Produce conferences that boost interaction, reduce virtual event fatigue, and avoid attendee dropout. Keep audiences engaged with interactive features, including chat, Q&A, surveys, breakout meetings, and more. Real-time analytics help you know where audience attention is focused, or not.

Leading Customers Trust EventHub

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