Hybrid Events That Bring Virtual and In-Person Attendees Together

Seamlessly host hybrid events that work. Create equally engaging experiences for online and in-person attendees, boosting overall attendance and effectiveness of your event.

Challenges We Often Hear

Setting up and running hybrid events seems complicated...

How can I analyze and visualize key event metrics quickly...

Attendance rates at my
in-person events
are decreasing...

How can I promote exhibitors and sponsors at hybrid events...

Proven Results※1

  • No.1 ※2
    Virtual event
    market share
  • Millions
  • ↑ 17%
    MQL conversion
    avg. increase
  • ↑ 24%
    Survey response
    avg. increase
※1. MQL and Survey statistics based on data from EventHub webinars
※2. “Online Event” market study Aug 2021, Japan Marketing Research Org. (JMR)

Why Customers Choose EventHub for Hybrid Events

Great experiences for both in-person and virtual attendees
The event platform enables you to provide an engaging and interactive experience for all attendees. In-person and virtual attendees can engage in sessions, meet exhibitors, network with other attendees, conduct breakout meetings, and more. Host events that make your audiences feel part of the event no matter where they are.
Attendee engagement analytics and reporting
Capture and understand the engagement of your audience both in-person and online. Track event attendance, session viewing time, questions, content views, exhibitor interactions, networking between attendees, and more. Effortlessly analyze the behaviors using real-time dashboards, reports, and API integration into your existing sales and marketing tools.
Customized events that reflect your brand
Host events that reflect your company’s brand and boost awareness. Effortlessly incorporate logos, colors, and images throughout the event experience, including registration, email communications, and the event website. Strengthen branding even more by integrating the platform into your corporate domain.
Content that delivers value beyond the event
After your live event has ended, open up your content to a wider audience by converting the event into an on-demand format. Repurpose your best sessions into marketing assets that you can continue to use in simulive and on-demand formats.

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