Webinars That ...
Generate Demand and Convert Pipeline Into Business

Execute engaging webinars and acquire insights needed to better target your audience, nurture the right leads, and grow business faster

Challenges We Often Hear ...

Poor engagement
and lead conversion

Effort needed
to plan and run

Sales and marketing coordination

Hard to measure
and analyze results

Proven Results※1

  • No.1 ※2
    Virtual event
    market share
  • 1M +
  • ↑ 17%
    MQL conversion
    avg. increase
  • ↑ 24%
    Survey response
    avg. increase
※1) MQL and Survey statistics based on data from EventHub webinars
※2) “Online Event” market study Aug 2021, Japan Marketing Research Org. (JMR)

Why Customers Choose EventHub
for Webinars

Comprehensive lead analytics
Get insights into attendee behavior in real-time, including registration by source, attendance, webinar engagement, and more. Make data-driven decisions that better target webinar advertising, identify attendee interests, score leads, and ensure you never miss an opportunity.
Better lead nurturing,
faster lead conversion
Get real-time visibility into attendee interest with engagement analytics; before, during, and after your webinar. Alert APIs integrate with your sales process enabling you to take action when leads are hot.
More options, less burden with live, simulive, or
Go beyond live webinars. Simulive and on-demand give you the tools to deliver more webinars with less effort, reuse your most valuable content, and offer audiences the flexibility to attend when it is most convenient for them.

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