Terms of Use

The original version of this agreement is in Japanese, a copy of which can be found here. The English agreement is for reference purposes only. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these two texts, the Japanese text shall prevail, and this agreement hereby will also be governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese law.

This agreement lays out the terms of use and the rules of the relationship between EventHub Co., Ltd. and registered users upon using EventHub. Please read all articles below before agreeing to purchase and use EventHub. In this document, “We”, refers to EventHub Co., Ltd. and “You” refers to the registered user using our service. EventHub is an event management service provided by EventHub Co., Ltd.

Article 1: Application

1. This agreement applies to the terms of use of EventHub (or “service”, as defined in article 2) and the legal and business relationship between you (the “Registered user”, defined in article 2) and us (EventHub Co., Ltd. or “EventHub”) regarding use of this service.

2. Any rules and terms of use that we post on our website (defined in article 2) are considered portions of this agreement.

Article 2: Definitions

Key terms mentioned throughout this agreement will be defined as follows.

1) “Event organizer” refers to the organizer of the event that the registered user is participating in.
2) “Intellectual Property” is refers to any publication rights, patents, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights as well as the right to apply for and obtain
such rights.
3) “Our website” refers to our website or pages that we operate with the domain “staging-testeventhub-stagesecret.kinsta.cloud” or “staging-testeventhub-stagesecret.kinsta.cloud”. If EventHub changes its domain name or website content, this still applies regardless of the reason behind such changes.
4) “Prospective users” follows the definition of the same term defined in article 3.
5) ”Registered information” follows the definition of the same term defined in article 3.
6) “Registered user” refers to the institution or the individual who registered to use our service based on the registration process laid out in Article 3.
7) “This service” refers to EventHub, an event management system (including event registration, business matching, and online event platform) operated by EventHub Co., Ltd. This applies even after product name changes regardless of reasons behind such changes.
8) Terms of Use follows the definition of the same term defined in article 3 item 4.
9) “Ticket” refers to an electronic (or a printed version of the electronic) ticket and form that allows one to participate in an event.

Article 3: Registration

1) Event organizer wishing to use this service at their event must agree to the separately defined Terms of Use (for event organizers), register to use the service, and we must approve the registration. Attendees (of a registered event) who wish to become registered users of EventHub (hereby referred to as “prospective users”) must agree with this Terms of Use and provide information (hereby referred to as “Registration information”) as we instruct.

2) Prospective users must register for this service on his or her own behalf and cannot ask a proxy to register for the service on his or her behalf. Prospective users must submit authentic, true information upon registration.

3) We have the right to deny Registered user’s registration under circumstances below.

a. When we consider it likely that you will act against our Terms of Use.
b. If part of all of the information you provided upon registration is false or lacking.
c. If you were denied registration or if your registration was deleted in the past.
d. If you are a minor, an adult ward of the state, a person under assistance, and have not received consent from a legal representative or guardian.
e. If we believe that you belong to, have any involvement with, or provide financially to anti-social forces (e.g., gangsters, gang members, right wing organizations, anti-social forces, or any person pursuant to this).
f. Any other cases where we deem your registration inappropriate.

4) We determine whether we accept the prospective registered user’s registration according to the above terms and other guidelines, and will let the prospective registered user know if accepted. The prospective registered user’s registration is deemed complete the moment we notify the registered user that we have accepted their registration, and the Terms of Use defined by this agreement becomes effective.

5) Registered users who wish to change their profile information may do so by editing their profiles directly after receiving login information to the service.

Article 4: Use of our service

Registered users can use this service during the effective period of the contract by agreeing to this Terms of Use and following our instructions.

Article 5: Ticket purchases and refund cancellations

1) This service sells tickets of the event the event organizer. Those that wish to purchase a ticket for the event will register according to instructions given on the serivce’s registration page. Ticket is deemed successfully purchased when that user receives an email from our service confirming the purchase. The ticket purchase contract is established between the registered individual and the event organizer, and the event organizer is solely responsible for the number of tickets to be sold and the prices that they are sold at. The event organizer is responsible for all discussions, conflicts, and complaints from and with individuals participating in the event, and we at EventHub hold no responsibility in resolving these conflicts.

2) Registered user, unless otherwise agreed with the event organizer, may not cancel the purchased ticket.

3) Event organizer may cancel a ticket following the procedure laid out by our event management service. When the event organizer cancels a ticket, he / she is responsible for repaying the registered user for the canceled ticket.

4) Registered user may not resell a ticket purchased on our platform

5) Registered user agrees to deem the ticket ineffective and void the moment when the event organizer or EventHub deems that the registered user has resold a ticket to a third party. EventHub does not hold responsible for any damages caused to the registered user as a result of this procedure.

Article 6 Pricing and payment

1) Unless otherwise mentioned, registered users may use EventHub for free. In cases when the registered user does have to pay to use this service, and if the user ignored his or her obligation to pay for the service, he / she is responsible for paying an accrued interest of 14.6% per year.

2) When the registered user has purchased the event organizer’s ticket, the user is responsible for paying for the price written on the registration form or ticket page.

3) Registered user must pay for the ticket by using one of the credit card payment methods provided by EventHub by the deadline provided. When the user pays by credit card on EventHub in order to purchase a ticket from the event organizer, EventHub collects the payment on behalf of the organizer. The registered user must approve the fact that EventHub is collecting payments on behalf of the organizer.

Article 7 Management of user information

1) Registered user is responsible for maintaining and protecting user IDs and passwords for event attendees using EventHub and are not permitted to lend, transfer, change names of, or commercially use such information with or for third parties.

2) Registered user is solely responsible for any damages incurred from mismanagement of user IDs and passwords and we will not take responsibility for such mismanagement or damages caused from use of above information by third parties as a result.

3) Registered user must promptly notify us and follow our instructions after Registered user finds out that a third party has accessed user IDs and/or passwords.

Article 8 Prohibitions

1) Registered user is not allowed to conduct any of the following actions:

a. Any acts undermining or damaging intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, honor, and other rights of EventHub, users of the service, or any third parties.
b. Criminal (or associated) acts and acts against public order and morality
c. Sending obscene and inappropriate information to other users, especially minors
d. Using the service for dating and sexual purposes
e. Any violations of laws or internal regulations of industry organizations that registered user or EventHub belongs to
f. Sending information that includes computer viruses and other harmful computer malware
g. Falsifying of information used in relation to this service
h. Sending data of sizes that are greater than the size that we have defined
i. Acts that could hinder our operation or the event organizer’s event operation
j. Other inappropriate acts

2) EventHub is not intended for, hence users must not use EventHub for, dating purposes.

3) In cases where we suspect or discover that registered user’s behavior matches any of the items above, we have the right to delete parts or all of relevant information without notifying the user. We do not bear responsibility over any damages caused to the registered user as a result of such deletion.

Article 9 Termination of Service

1) We can terminate your complete or partial use of our service without notification in these circumstances:

a. Emergency inspection or maintenance work of our computer system
b. When our computers or communication lines have stopped due to accidents
c. When earthquakes, lightning, fire, wind and flood damage, power outages and other natural disasters have made normal operations of the service difficult
d. Other instances where we have deem it necessary

2) We have the right to stop the provision of this service for our own reasons. In such cases, we will notify the Registered user beforehand.

3) We are not responsible for damages caused from a halt in our service operations

Article 10: Associated infrastructure

1) Registered user is responsible for preparing and maintaining computers, software, devices, internet communication and communication infrastructure needed to use our service at their own cost.

2) Registered user is responsible for protecting themselves against computer viruses and providing necessary security measures to prevent loss and leakage of information upon using the service at their own cost.

3) Even in cases where we save messages and other information exchanged between registered users for a period of time for operational purposes, we are not obliged to save these information and can delete them at any time. We do not hold any responsibility over any damages caused to registered users as a result of such deletion.

4) In cases when registered user downloads software onto their computers from our website or through other means while using EventHub, registered user is responsible for making sure to not harm their devices or their existing files. We are not responsible for any damages caused in such instances.

Article 11: Rights

1) All general property and intellectual property rights related to our web site and EventHub belong to us or those under formal license agreements. Your rights to use our service under Terms of Use does not equate to a license to or use right of our intellectual property. Registered users may not violate (including but not limited to disassembling, decompiling, reverse engineering) the intellectual property rights of ours or those under formal license agreements for any reason.

2) Information acquired as a result of registered users using EventHub, such as meeting requests, message sent when sending meeting requests, number of chats sent between two users, profile views, favorite history, etc., (hereinafter referred to as ” Acquired information “) and the rights over this information belong to EventHub. We and the event organizer can freely use this information free of charge (including copying, copying, alteration, re-licensing to third parties and any other use). In addition, we can also make analytical data out of such acquired information for statistical and product improvement purposes and can share such information with the event organizer. We can also use this data at our own discretion as long as the data is not identifiable, and can share such information with third parties if judged necessary for our service goals.

3) While we may save acquired information for a period, we are not legally responsible for maintenance of information and have the right to delete this information at any time. We are not responsible for any damages caused to the registered user because of us deleting the acquired information.

Article 12: Termination of Registered user Registration

1) We have the right to pause your account or delete your registration without prior notification under below circumstances.

a. When you have violated any of the terms under this agreement
b. If there is false information in your registered information
c. If you have used, or are planning on using, our service in a manner that causes damages to us, event attendees, other registered users, and or third parties
d. If you hindered or damaged our service operations in whatever manner
e. When you have become incapable of paying the price, or have initiated Bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization, or special liquidation proceedings
f. In case of receiving a disposition of dishonored bills or checks handed down or underwritten by themselves or when receiving a disposition of suspension of transactions at the clearing house or similar measures
g. In case of seizure, provisional seizure, provisional disposition, compulsory execution or a petition for auction of the company
h. Delinquency in taxation
i. Death or when receiving a judgment on necessity of guardianship and assistance
j. When we do not hear from you and when you have stopped using the service for more than half a year
k. In situations described in article 3 item 3
l. And any other cases where we judge that we need to halt your membership

2) In all cases listed in the preceding paragraph, you are responsible for paying all of your debt and fees to us promptly regardless of the initial payment deadlines.

3) We have the right to terminate your registration if we notify you thirty days ahead of time.

4) We bear no responsibility over damages caused to the registered user as a result of terminating your registration according to this article.

5) When your registration is terminated in accordance with this article, the registered user is responsible for following our instructions and deleting or returning any software, manuals and other materials related to our service.

Article 13: Disclaimer

1) We do not formally guarantee any result as a result of using this service. We provide EventHub and affiliated services but do not bear any responsibility over its suitability for your business purposes.

2) Even if the registered user indirectly or directly obtains any information about EventHub, our service, our website, or other registered users, we do not guarantee anything beyond what we have defined in these terms of use.

3) The registered user is responsible for researching on whether EventHub complies regulations and guidelines of its industry organization at its own cost. We do not guarantee that our service is in accordance with regulations and guidelines of the registered user’s industry organizations.

4) We are not responsible for any disputes or complaints regarding our service or our website that occurs between you and other registered users, event organizer, or other third parties. Registered user is responsible for solving such disputes on their own.

5) We are not responsible for compensating for any of the following caused due to any interruption, termination, or alteration to our services: Deletion of data that you have sent; any influences that to your business as a result of implementing this service.

6) We are not responsible for anything regarding information that registered user or users can obtain through external websites whose links exist on our EventHub platform, or external sites that contain our website’s link.

7) We do not bear any financial responsibility over any damages caused to the registered user as a result of using this service. Even in cases where we are held accountable for damages caused to the Registered user under the Consumer Contract Law or for other reasons, the liability of the Company shall be limited to 1000 Japanese yen.

Article 14: Financial obligations

1) Registered user is responsible for paying for damages caused to EventHub as a result of violating this contract.

2) In cases of complaints from or disputes with other registered users, event organizer or third parties in relation to EventHub, registered user is responsible for notifying us promptly and dealing with the dispute at its own cost. Registered user is responsible for notifying EventHub regarding the progress and result of such disputes when asked.

3) In cases where EventHub receives request for financial reimbursement for rights damages or other reasons from other registered users, event organizer or other third parties as a result of the registered user using EventHub, registered user is responsible for reimbursing EventHub the price that EventHub had paid for such damages.

Article 15: Confidentiality

1) “Confidential information” in this agreement refers to all information related to our technology, sales, operation, finance, organization, and other matters that the Registered user has accessed or obtained in through us verbally or in writing regarding the use of this service. However, this does not include the following 1) Information that the Registered user already knew or was public information at the time of provision of such information  2) Things that became publicly known through publications or other reasons due to reasons not attributable to their own responsibility after providing, disclosing or acquiring from our company 3) information legally obtained without nondisclosure terms from the provider of such information 4) information created by the Registered user 5) information provided by EventHub and mentioned as not confidential.

2) Registered user can only use confidential information for the purpose of using our service and must not disclose or leak confidential information to third party without prior written approval.

3) Notwithstanding the provisions of item 2, Registered user may disclose Confidential Information based on the order, requests or requests of law, court or government agency but must notify EventHub promptly when doing so.

4) Registered user must obtain prior written approval from EventHub when copying documents containing confidential information and must strictly follow item 2 regarding use of such copied information.

5) Registered user must comply with our instructions and return or demolish all documents or copies containing confidential information promptly when asked to do so.

Article 16: Information Disclosure

By using our service you understand agree that we will be disclosing use cases and portions or all of user behavior (in a way that protects privacy and makes data anonymous) on our website, social networking accounts, publications or media for the purpose of promoting our brand and service.

Article 17: Effective period

Terms of Use become effective the moment Registered user completes registration as defined in article 3, and lasts until the earlier of the following – the date that the registered user’s registration is terminated or the date that this service terminates.

Article 18: Changes to the contract

1) We reserve the right to change EventHub’s content at any time.

2) We have the right to change these Terms of Use (Includes additional rules written on our website regarding this service) and will notify you in case of such changes. Your continued use of our services after changes have been shared constitutes your acceptance of the amended Terms of Use.

Article 19: Notifications

General notifications regarding this service, between our registered users and us (e.g., regarding changes to this contract) will all be done via communication means that we define.

Article 20: Transfer of contract

1) You are not allowed to transfer or provide the rights and responsibilities laid out in this document to third party individuals or corporations without written agreements with us.

2) In cases where we transfer the rights to this service (e.g., acquisition or company splits) to another company, we will transfer our position and related rights to the new company, and will transfer all information and data that you have sent us to the new owner under legal means By signing this document you have agreed that such probability exists.

Article 21: Complete agreement

This agreement represents the entirety of agreements made between the Registered user and EventHub.

Article 22: Severability

In cases where a part of this agreement has been judged by the Japanese law and Court to be ineffective, the rest of the articles and items listed on this document will remain effective. Both EventHub and Registered

user will make best efforts to edit such portions of the agreement in order to retain the originally agreed legal and economic effects of the agreement.

Article 23: Remaining rights and terms

The following articles and items will remain effective even after the contract period ends: Article 5 (in case of remaining debt owed), article 6 item 2, article 7 item 3, article 8 item 3, article 9, article 10, article 11 item 2, article 4 item 5, article 12 item 15, article 19 to article 23. Article 14 will remain effective for five years after the contract period ends.

Article 24: Jurisdiction

This document follows the Japanese law and any disputes regarding this agreement will be under the Tokyo District Court.

Article 25: Resolving conflicts

Both EventHub and Registered user make their best efforts to resolve any conflicts and disputes regarding the interpretation of this contract or matters not covered in this contract.



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